Fellowship Events

Worship Sunday

Worship Sunday is where you go to church with fellow Apex members, and optionally meet for lunch afterward and discuss the message.

Movie Projector

Movie Night

Movie Night is where the group goes out to see a Christian (or secular, if it's wholesome) movie, with either a dinner before or snack after to discuss the impact the film had on them, and what they can apply. 

Friends Eating Dinner

Diner, Wisdom, Socials

(D.W.S.) are usually held on the first Friday of every month and features an evening broken down by food (Dinner), a Christian speaker (Wisdom), and mingling time (Social). The speaker does a deep dive into a particular topic, or "talks the walk" about living the Christian life as a single adult.

Discipleship Events

Study group

Bible Study Group

Bible Study groups meet weekly to dive deep into the Word to study scripture, discuss its meaning, and apply principles learned to our daily lives. We have study groups for men, women, and co-end. 

Bible discussion group

Apex Workshops

Apex Workshops are aimed at individual development of our members. These are often centered around a book or pre-defined workshop targeting some aspect of a single's life. 

Outside Speakers

Outside Speakers are nationally or locally recognized known speakers who can present an in-depth examination of an aspect of single living.

Volunteers Serving Food

Service Saturday/Sunday

Service Saturday/Sunday allow our members to participate in their local community by helping other singles with large tasks, and by serving the orphans, homeless, and others less fortunate, as commanded in James 1:27.

Volunteer Opportunities

Mission Trips

Mission Trips are sponsored and organized by a partner church and provide an immersive way to serve others less fortunate. We cross-advertise mission trips that might be of interest to our members.

Outdoor Summer Party

Corporate Events

Corporate Events include a week-long beach retreat, mountain cabin retreat, lake retreat, or cruise. During these multi-day offsite events, we worship, study the word, and relax and have fun too!

Mental Health Resources

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being

For Health Care Workers dealing with the stress of the CoronaVirus pandemic: