Helpful Resources

Apex provides a way for single and single-again adults to connect to a Christian community outside the walls of a church, grow in their faith, and eventually reconnect with God's church, and possibly a non-denominational or denomination of their choice. Many single-again adults find themselves starting over in their faith journey, and we are here to help you along the way. We do so by offering a number of distinct Apex-branded events, starting with simply social get-togethers and dinners out with new friends, then into light discussions about God and Jesus, and finally deep-dives into walking with Christ:

Community Events

Social events to simply get out of the house and show up, meet new people, and have fun!

  • New Members Breakfast- Breakfast for area singles held at popular breakfast/brunch spots.

  • Virtual Zoom - These fun virtual events are held in our Zoom room and topics vary: Thursday night dinner, Comedy Night, 2 Truths and a Not, etc, We open at 6:30 with prayer, and someone may give their testimony, and then we just chat about how each other are doing, and eventually settle on some random topic.

  • Friday Night Flight- Friday Night Flight is our introductory event, and a great event for first-time Apexers.  Commonly referred to as "Flight", Friday Night Flights are held all over the country simultaneously in multiple locations at popular eating/social spots and allow people to meet in a fun, friendly atmosphere. They are generally  held on the 3rd Friday of every month.

  • Social Saturday is a theme/gathering type community event held in a variety of places and environments, and range from all-ages to age-specific. These include local festivals, social game night, chili cook-off, Summer Daze, hikes, and BBQ.

  • Holiday Events- Holidays include Easter and Christmas, and your chapter may also celebrate Valentines Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and New Years Eve

Fellowship Events

Develop friendships and interpersonal relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ. Begin religious awareness - Attend a church service, become reacquainted with the Word, maybe read or explore a passage or two, with friends

  • Worship Sunday is where you go to church with fellow Apex members, and optionally meet for lunch afterward and discuss the message.

  • Movie Night is where the group goes out to see a Christian (or secular, if it's wholesome) movie, with either a dinner before or snack after to discuss the impact the film had on them, and what they can apply. 

  • Dinner, Wisdom, Socials. (D.W.S.) are usually held on the first Friday of every month and features an evening broken down by food (Dinner), a Christian speaker (Wisdom), and mingling time (Social). The speaker does a deep dive into a particular topic, or "talks the walk" about living the Christian life as a single adult.

Discipleship Events

In-depth bible studies and plans. Acts of Service for those less fortunate, and Retreats to give us down time to get out of our daily chaos and quiet our minds so that we can to listen to God

  • Bible Study groups meet weekly to dive deep into the Word to study scripture, discuss its meaning, and apply principles learned to our daily lives. We have study groups for men, women, and co-end. 

  • Apex Workshops are aimed at individual development of our members. These are often centered around a book or pre-defined workshop targeting some aspect of a single's life. 

  • Outside Speakers are nationally or locally recognized known speakers who can present an in-depth examination of an aspect of single living.

  • Service Saturday/Sunday allow our members to participate in their local community by helping other singles with large tasks, and by serving the orphans, homeless and others less fortunate, as commanded to in James 1:27

  • Mission Trips are sponsored and organized by a partner church and provide an immersive way to serve others less fortunate. We cross-advertise mission trips that might be of interest to our members

  • Corporate Events include a week-long beach retreat, mountain cabin retreat, lake retreat, or cruise. During these multi-day offsite events we worship, study the word, and relax and have fun too!

Mental Health Resources

Life is tough, and sometimes we need a trained counselor to talk to, or help us out of a bad situation.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being

Facebook Groups

Social Media groups for members who share a common interest or need

  • Prayer Group - Register your prayer requests for our prayer team to pray for you

  • Connections - Post job searches/resumes or business services available

  • Inspiration - Get your daily dose of inspiration and thoughtfulness

  • Singles Serving Singles - As a single, we don't have a built-in partner to help out all the time. Hey women, do you need a handyman to help you with that light fixture or other thing you just can't figure out? Hey men, do you need some interior design or paint color choices? Is there a community service opportunity you would like to share?

  • Health and Nutrition - As a single, it's easy to let our health and fitness slide. Join this page to get helpful advice and inspiration to cook healthy and stay healthier

  • Pets We Love - If you have a pet, or are considering getting one, join this group to share the love that pets can give us.